Fortino, U18AA, Divisions, U18AA Showcase, 2022-2023, HPP (Stoney Creek Girls Hockey Association)

TeamWLTPts*TotGFGADiffGF %Game 1*Game 2*Game 3*Game 4*Game 5*Game 6*
50116016195+140.7923-3 (T)03-0 (W)00-3 (W)03-1 (W)00-4 (W)03-1 (W)0
41012012125+70.7061-3 (W)00-2 (L)03-2 (W)00-3 (W)00-3 (W)0X
41012-111137+60.6502-1 (W)-10-2 (W)03-2 (W)01-5 (W)03-1 (L)0X
22171898+10.5292-1 (L)10-0 (T)03-2 (W)03-1 (L)01-4 (W)0X
230606811-30.4213-1 (W)03-0 (L)03-2 (L)00-3 (L)01-3 (W)0X
113606111100.5003-3 (T)02-2 (T)03-2 (L)01-2 (W)02-2 (T)0X
1314041114-30.4403-1 (L)02-2 (T)03-2 (L)01-5 (L)01-5 (W)0X
04110129-70.1821-3 (L)00-0 (T)00-3 (L)01-2 (L)01-0 (L)0X
* = Bonus Points
Fri, Sep 09
Sat, Sep 10
Sun, Sep 11
This Tournament is part of the 2022-2023 season, which is not set as the current season.