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The Stoney Creek U22 Elite / Juniors team partners with Tydan Performance Blades and all Sabres families benefit from the exclusive partnership!


Sabres families benefit from an exclusive discount on steel and services. Whether used through a code at checkout (provided to Sabres families via email), or applied in-store, Sabres families will receive 15% off ALL steel, 50% off first-time ISP (integrated sharpening and profiling) and 15% off all other services (custom engraving – name, logo, number, etc.).

Tydan Blades have been providing hockey players high-end blades, profiling and sharpening services since 2013 and now they partner with the Junior Sabres!


Trusted by over 30% of the NHL, Tydan is one of very few companies in the world trusted to provide profiling & sharpening services to the pros.


Committed to consistency, accuracy and quality, Tydan will recommend and provide a blade, profile & sharpening recommendation to maximize performance.




Skatescribe uses the latest technologies to sharpen and profile skate blades, combining a laser visioning system and CNC machining.


The benefits are immense: precision cutting for hollows and contours, increased glide, and edge durability.


With our full-digital solution, Tydan can fully customize a skate blade for each player to maximize their on-ice performance potential.




Skatescribe is not bound by set templates for any size of blade – everything can be customized down to the thousandths of a millimetre.



 Micron level laser visioning system identifies skate specs with Vision system accuracy: 0.5 μm

  Precision machining to ensure selected hollow, profile, and blade pitch with CNC mill accuracy: 50 μm
  Consistency and repeatability – same blade shape every time
  Superior glide and edges
  Full customization of any type of profile
  Performance enhancement
  Maximum speed, stability, acceleration & agility


With Tydan’s fully digital software-based solution, they can create existing templates (Cag One, ProSharp, Elite, etc.) and further refine and optimize them to produce fully customized profiles for each player, including multi-radii shapes of any size or proportion. A player can move or change any shape within their profile to best fit their skating and playing style.

Profiling options:

 Accommodate all Bauer, CCM, and True blades (current generation)
 Player and Goalie support
 Custom hollow depths and shapes available (e.g., ROH, FBV, FIRE, BFD, etc.)
 Multi-radii support
 Blade height reduction
 Toe and heel profiling
 Different hollows at various portions of the blades
 Any profile that you could possibly imagine