Jenner, U15AA, Divisions, U15AA Showcase, 2022-2023, HPP (Stoney Creek Girls Hockey Association)

Division Details
U15AA (Sep 23-Sep 25)
TeamWLTPts*TotGFGADiffGF %Game 1*Game 2*Game 3*Game 4*Game 5*Game 6*
60018018213+180.8752-3 (W)03-0 (W)05-0 (W)00-3 (W)03-1 (W)04-0 (W)0
42012-1111815+30.5451-2 (W)-14-1 (W)04-1 (L)03-2 (W)04-0 (W)07-4 (L)0
320909148+60.6362-3 (L)00-3 (W)04-1 (W)01-3 (W)02-3 (L)0X
221718157+80.6821-2 (L)10-5 (W)01-3 (L)00-6 (W)02-2 (T)0X
3209-271213-10.4804-3 (W)-14-1 (L)03-4 (W)-10-3 (L)03-0 (W)0X
221707910-10.4743-1 (W)03-3 (T)01-2 (W)01-3 (L)00-2 (L)0X
2306171518-30.4554-3 (L)13-0 (L)01-3 (W)03-8 (W)01-7 (L)0X
1225161311+20.5421-1 (T)03-3 (T)03-4 (L)13-2 (L)04-0 (W)0X
032202515-100.2501-1 (T)00-3 (L)01-2 (L)00-6 (L)03-3 (T)0X
050000525-200.1673-1 (L)00-5 (L)05-0 (L)03-8 (L)01-4 (L)0X
* = Bonus Points
Fri, Sep 23
Sat, Sep 24
Sun, Sep 25
This Tournament is part of the 2022-2023 season, which is not set as the current season.